Santa in Kampala

In response to the post, Playing Santa in Bethlehem (December 21, 2011), Jennifer Hansen, now working in Kampala, Uganda, sent the following photo of an Ugandan Santa. Like the Bethlehem Santa costume, the face of the Ugandan Santa pictured here is covered with a mask.

Santa in Kampala, Uganda

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Rodney Aist, Ph.D. is the course director at St George's College, Jerusalem. Visit him at
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1 Response to Santa in Kampala

  1. Jennifer says:

    When I saw this Santa from afar it really struck me as out of place because it was a replication of the Western image of Santa that resonated with me from my cultural location. It was when I got up close to him and noticed his mask that it reminded me of Rodney’s comment about the mask for Santa in his post about Santa in Bethlehem. While I have only been in Uganda a couple of weeks and I can’t really comment on what Santa means here overall, my first take on Santa here is that this is actually a reflection of the consumerism component of Christmas that I see in American culture rather than any spiritual manifestation of Christmas. Santa was handing out fliers for a new children’s play area that had opened in this shopping center and the grand opening Christmas party.

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